Collagen Matrix, Inc. first introduced a resorbable collagen membrane for use in oral surgery in 2001. Today, our full line of products for oral surgery are considered by many in the field to be the premier solutions for the treatment of periodontal disease and for use in dental implant, bone defect, and ridge augmentation procedures. Our extensive research, development, and manufacturing expertise has led to the creation of several new membranes, bone grafts and dental wound dressing.

Collagen Matrix Dental is a division of Collagen Matrix, Inc.—a leader in the design and engineering of collagen- and mineral-based extracellular matrices for tissue and organ repair and regeneration.

Regenerative Collagen Dental Membrane

MatrixDerm® EXT
Regenerative Collagen Dental Membrane with Extended Resorption Time

MatrixDerm® Cap
Regenerative Collagen Dental
Membrane Cap

Regenerative Collagen Dental Membrane with Shorter Resorption Time

SynOss™ Granules
Synthetic Mineral Bone Graft

SynOss™ Putty
Synthetic Mineral‐Collagen Composite
Bone Graft

Microfibrillar Collagen Wound Dressing

"Great product. Handles well and great patient response."

–Siegfried W. Tjon Ajong, DMD

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Collagen Matrix, Inc

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Please visit our Corporate Website: www.CollagenMatrix.com

2015 Exhibitions

Academy of Osseointegration (AO)

March 12-14, San Francisco, CA

Northeastern Society of
Periodontists (NESP)

April 17 & Oct. 30, New York, NY

American Academy of
Periodontology (AAP)

Nov. 14-17, Orlando, FL

European Association for
Osseointegration (EAO)

Sept. 23-26, Stockholm, Sweden

MatrixDerm Testimonials

"My results have been excellent using SynOss™ Putty, particularly with osteotome sinus lifts. I have not encountered a product that has behaved as well as or given such excellent clinical results."

Daniel C. Barabas, DDS

"I have used MatrixDerm for both extraction site grafting and guided-bone regeneration. The membrane has excellent handling properties that I have not seen in other membranes. An important characteristic of this membrane is that it does not collapse into the surgical site, thereby maintaining the grafted area. Post-operatively, the tissue tone and color looks as though it has healed much faster than with other membranes."

Robin Klein, DDS

"Very soft tissue friendly. Never had any problems with all sorts of bone regenerative procedures including socket preservations, ridge augmentations and sinus bone graft procedures."

Edward S. Kim, DMD

"Excellent handling, strength and resorption time."

Armando R. Fernandez, DDS
General Dentist

"I have been using the MatrixDerm membrane for over 2 years. After 3-4 months re-entry, the bony regeneration has been spectacular, and we have been able to routinely place dental implants with good primary fixation."

Cory Wanatick, DMD

"Great product. Handles well and great patient response."

Siegfried W. Tjon Ajong, DMD
Oral Maxillofacial, Prosthodontics

"MatrixDerm has all of the properties I am looking for in a collagen membrane. It is soft and pliable, cuts easily, stays where I place it, and is relatively inexpensive."

Barry Litwin, DDS,
General Dentist

SynOss Putty Testimonial

"I was very happy with the quality and density of the bone upon re-entry at 5 months after grafting with the SynOss Putty from Collagen Matrix Dental. SynOss Putty has body but is spongy enough to manipulate and contour to the site."

Robin Klein, DDS

"I loved it for ridge augmentation and ridge split sugery and for sinus lift cases. Handling was superior to using granules or other putties. I am extremely happy with bone volume and density"

Jonathan P. Kang, DDS

"I dislike using all granular bone material because they wash out of the recipient site. SynOss Putty, however, has a great cohesive quality that maintains its bulk and volume, and it stays where it is placed."

Barry Litwin, DDS
General Dentist

Collatene Testimonial

"The handling properties of Collatene aid in the immediate clotting of the wound site for donor tissue in sub-epithelial grafting procedures plus in minor dehiscence type defects."

Gail G. Childers, DMD

MatrixDerm EXT Testimonial

"I have used it for large augmentation cases and I love it for the combination of strength and pliability. I consistently get maximum bone regeneration by using this membrane."

Jonathan P. Kang, DDS

"I am always looking for an absorbable membrane with long term barrier function that is easy to handle, has good tissue response, and does not compromise the bone response. To date, MatrixDerm Ext is the best membrane I have found on the market. I have even found that in numerous cases with small defects, I can leave it exposed, as long as I have properly stabilized the membrane."

Jeffrey R. Lemler, D.D.S.

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